Outfit & Hair Bow made by SS&PD
Outfit & Hair Bow made by SS&PD

There were so many things about my life that were perfect and there were many things that weren't. For the most part, I was happy and satisfied. Then my world came crashing down around me. Within 6 years, these things happened: My husband fell on a chainsaw and cut his throat while no one was home. He was minutes from death, with a search party of 15 people when he was found. He made it, only to lose his job of 23 years. My beautiful daughter was married, had a beautiful daughter of her own, with her husband walking out within 8 weeks of the baby's birth. My daughter, being strong and resilient went to work as a 911 dispatcher and while working full time, completed her training in Law Enforcement. 

Then the worst happened, my Granddaughter told us she was being sexually abused... Our world as we knew it ended.
In that time, to keep me busy, I borrowed a sewing machine and my friends and family bought fabric for me. I was depressed and wanted to lay down and never get up again. But God knew if he kept my hands moving and my mind creating, I wouldn't quit. 
Christmas, 2011, my daughter bought me a basic sewing/embroidery machine. I used it like crazy, and people were asking me to make things for them. But my lack of confidence kept me from saying yes. I began making things for family members, and with them being happy with my designs, I began creating more.
Friends and family continued to encourage and support my venture emotionally, spiritually and financially.
I joked with my friend, Angie, that starting a business with my basic machine was like having a lawn care business with only a weed eater!
Then very quickly, with the blessings of another friend Patti, I added a Silhouette Cameo and another, slightly larger, Embroidery Machine. My daughter decided she would open the business and see how it went.,,,
Which brings me to this past Christmas, WOW! I didn't think we would be able to keep up with all of the orders, and we worked 17 hour days, 7 days a week, until Christmas Eve. But we did it!!!
So here we go... Into a New Year, with Hope and Faith. My Daughter gave notice at work, and we will go into this with everything we have! 
We need this. Financially. She needs this, so she can take time to heal from everything she has battled for almost 7 years. She can work from home, and no longer work nights. (Well, away from home anyway) She can spend quality time with her daughter and she can create. Boy can she create!!! 
So with your orders, we are going to do this!
When you consider buying from Slingshots and Polka Dots, remember... We need you more than you need us! So we will do our very best work for you, and we hope you'll be a repeat customer. 

Join us on this Journey, won't you? We'd love to have you by our side. <3nce. See what we can do!